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I’m Derrick Lail, the proud franchise owner of the Troops Haul Junk Asheville, NC location. As a veteran, I dedicated myself to serving my country and now I continue that commitment to serving the wonderful community of Asheville. I take immense pride in preserving the beauty of the neighborhoods we call home. When you choose our services, you’re not only benefiting from a locally-owned junk removal business but you also support a company that’s primary mission is to help transition local heroes from military to civilian life.

We are a comprehensive junk removal and demolition company whose level of service always goes above and beyond. We specialize in removing unwanted items that clutter your space, and handle the heavy lifting so you don’t have to break a sweat. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to leaving your property in a better state than when we found it.

About Us Troop Haul Junk


Every veteran bears a distinctive narrative of bravery and selflessness. These traits serve as an unwavering source of our motivation and dedication to supporting our veterans, first responders, and their families during the pivotal transition to civilian life after their honorable service.

When you invest in a Troops Haul Junk franchise, you gain access to several valuable assets. The most significant is our well-established reputation and instantly recognizable brand, cultivated since our founding in 2015 in Northern Virginia and North Carolina. Our initial investment is among the most competitive in the industry. If you're interested in joining our dedicated team, a Troops Haul Junk partnership could be the ideal opportunity for you.



Troops Haul Junk is more than just a business; it's a movement reshaping perceptions of junk removal. Our mission is to deliver top-tier services to households and businesses while contributing to the community. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility remains steadfast as we expand. We prioritize recycling and donations to minimize landfill waste.

Our team, consisting of Veterans & First Responders, understands the significance of serving others, which is evident in the quality of our work. We are honored to extend a franchise opportunity to those who share our values and enthusiasm for making a difference. We foster camaraderie in our team to achieve our shared goals.


Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, NC, earned the nickname 'The Land of the Sky' due to its stunning natural beauty and its location nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Amidst these breathtaking landscapes and charming streets, Troops Haul Junk stands as guardians preserving its natural beauty of this pristine environment. We are committed to serving our clients to help that every corner of this beloved city remains unblemished by clutter and debris. Our eco-friendly practices and efficient removal solutions not only clears away the mess but also contributes to the preservation of Asheville's enchanting allure for future generations.



Junk Removal in Asheville, NC

We take great pride in being a comprehensive junk removal service in Asheville, NC, with a heartfelt commitment to honoring the brave individuals who have served our nation, including Veterans and First Responders. When you choose our services, you're consciously choosing to support these remarkable heroes. Recognizing the value of time and efficiency, we help our clients swiftly declutter their spaces.



Managing construction debris can be challenging. If not handled properly, it can quickly become a safety hazard and disrupt the construction process, causing delays. Consider the project size and complexity when deciding if you need professional help. For reliable construction debris removal, trust Troops Haul Junk. We are experts in the field and are committed to excellence, making us your top choice for this essential service.


Moving heavy furniture is a challenging task. It involves carrying furniture through narrow hallways and doorways and maneuvering around tight corners, which requires strength and experience. There is also a risk of damaging walls or floors during removal. Fortunately, Troops Haul Junk understands these challenges. With extensive experience in furniture removal in both business and residences throughout the county, we have honed the skills to ensure a swift and damage-free transition.


Removing appliances is a complex task and goes beyond just unplugging them. Troops Haul Junk, located in Asheville, NC, simplifies and speeds up the process for you.

Our Veterans and First Responders team are equipped to haul away appliances safely and efficiently, regardless of size. Additionally, we provide various other junk removal services, such as clearing household debris or removing office items and construction materials for residential and commercial spaces. Don't let Junk become a hassle for you! Rely on Troops Haul Junk to liberate you from junk removal challenges.


In need of assistance with the removal of bulky items from your home or business? Your solution lies with Troops Haul Junk in Asheville, NC! Our team of professionals possess the essential equipment, expertise, and proficiency to manage even the most challenging tasks, whether it's furniture, large appliances, or electronic equipment.
As a company owned by Veterans and First Responders, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients, including our bulky item pickup service. Avoid the risks of injury or property damage—allow us to be your helping hand. Moreover, our cost-effective rates make bulky item pickup a breeze for any budget.  Reach out to Troops Haul Junk today and experience the relief of knowing your unwanted materials will be swiftly taken care of.


If you're in Asheville, North Carolina, and need to get rid of old carpeting, Troops Haul Junk is here to assist you. Removing carpets, whether for a renovation project or or carpet replacement, can be a challenging and messy task. Handling the carpet and its adhesive requires care to avoid damaging your floors. For a hassle-free solution, consider our expert carpet removal services at Troops Haul Junk.


Is clutter taking over your living or working space? Troops Haul Junk Asheville, NC, is your solution for a clutter-free environment. We specialize in debris removal, efficiently eliminating unwanted items from your home or workplace. Whether it's construction materials or household clutter, we remove it. Trust us to dispose of debris properly, maintaining safety and efficiency throughout the process.


Our yard waste removal service helps you eliminate unsightly waste, such as leaves and branches. We deliver efficient and professional services. Whether you have a few bags of leaves or a significant amount of yard waste, we'll handle it all, disposing of it properly. Say goodbye to yard eyesores with Troops Haul Junk.


Are you considering saying goodbye to your old hot tub? The demanding maintenance routine may overshadow the tranquility you once enjoyed. It's understandable for a hot tub to become less enjoyable when it becomes a lot of work and too difficult to manage on your own. Enter Troops Haul Junk in Asheville, NC, ready to rescue you from this cumbersome process. We take care of the demolition and removal, sparing you from the need to lift a finger.


Need to get rid of your mattress? Troops Haul Junk is here to help. We prioritize your safety and comfort. Our easy mattress removal service ensures fast and efficient disposal. We have flexible pickup times to fit your schedule, and our competitive prices make us affordable.


Electronic waste is a growing issue, but you can dispose of it responsibly with Troops Haul Junk. Our e-waste removal service ensures your electronics are handled carefully, recycling as much as possible, and disposing of the rest properly. We're committed to safeguarding the environment and your health. Say goodbye to landfill-bound e-waste. Contact us at 704-800-4285 for a stress-free solution for your electronic disposal needs.


Cleanouts in Asheville, NC

Clearing out your space can be overwhelming, but Troops Haul Junk, Asheville, NC, offers a simple solution. Our cleanout service ensures your home or workplace becomes clutter-free and organized. We prioritize precision and time efficiency. We make decluttering fast and hassle-free. Trust us to handle your mess professionally, providing exceptional customer service that guarantees your satisfaction.

Cleaning out large spaces can be tough, especially when dealing with a lot of clutter. The idea of sorting through everything and getting rid of what's not needed might seem overwhelming, but it's definitely worth the effort. Streamlining your home or business results in a lighter and more organized environment, enhancing its overall pleasantness and productivity. While some cleanouts can be managed independently, tackling numerous items or expansive areas might necessitate the assistance of professionals like Troops Haul Junk In Asheville.

At Troops Haul Junk, we excel in efficient and precise cleanout services. Understanding the urgency often tied to junk removal, we offer swift solutions to meet all your cleanout needs. Whether you're clearing a cluttered garage or preparing for a move, our team ensures a prompt and efficient resolution. When you hire Troops Haul Junk, rest assured that you will receive top-notch quality at the most competitive rates. Don't hesitate to contact Troops Haul Junk for all your cleanout needs.


Give your garage a fresh start this season with Troops Haul Junk. Our Garage Cleanout service helps you clear the clutter, making space for the things that matter. We understand time is precious, so let our friendly and professional team do the work for you. We'll sort through your belongings, removing junk and unwanted items, ensuring a clutter-free garage. We value client satisfaction, providing a 100% service guarantee.


Basements often become storage areas for furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items over time. Neglecting this part of your home can lead to disorganization, clutter, and even safety hazards. Fortunately, Troops Haul Junk in Asheville simplifies the process, making basement cleaning a breeze. With a comprehensive range of services, we provide reliable assistance at every stage.



If your attic is a mess, Troops Haul Junk has your back. Our Attic Cleanout service ensures a precise and efficient approach, just as you'd expect from military personnel. We'll sort through your attic items, recycling, disposing, or donating as needed. Your attic will be left clean and clutter-free. We have an efficient solution to declutter your home or prepare for an upcoming move.


Dealing with hoarding is challenging, but Troops Haul Junk has the expertise to help. Our experienced professionals approach hoarding situations with care. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding, we have the solution. Contact us today at 704-800-4285 for a free estimate.


Maintaining a clean and organized workplace is crucial for projecting a professional image and enhancing efficiency. Troops Haul Junk offers Commercial Cleanout services tailored for businesses. Our expertise lies in efficiently removing office furniture and managing various items. We guarantee to restore your commercial property to its optimal condition.


Parting with a loved one can be a emotional experience, especially when that person's home holds cherished memories and traditions. Handling and sorting through the possessions of a deceased family member can feel daunting and burdensome, often compounded by feelings of grief and the weight of estate-related obligations. In such challenging times, Troops Haul Junk is here to help.


Need to declutter and organize your office space? Troops Haul Junk offers office cleanout services designed to ease the daunting task. We understand the importance of a clean workspace for productivity and safety. Our expert team provides professional services tailored to your specific business needs. We take pride in offering reasonable pricing and a free estimate to find the best solution for your requirements.


Struggling to breathe in your cluttered home? Troops Haul Junk in Asheville, NC, offers home cleanout services to create an organized, clutter-free living environment. Our dedicated team will efficiently declutter your space, removing unwanted items and leaving behind a tidy area. We handle the job with expertise, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.


Are you facing the daunting endeavor of getting ready to move out of your apartment? The magnitude of an apartment cleanout is often underestimated, leaving individuals unprepared and susceptible to leaving valuable items behind or unintentional damage during the moving process. Consider teaming up with Troops Haul Junk in Asheville to circumvent these challenges. Our professional cleanout services provide a perfect solution, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition during your move.


Foreclosures are a harsh reality faced by many homeowners. The foreclosure process can often drag on, leaving homes in disarray. Once the foreclosure is complete, the house can be in disrepair, with personal items and furniture strewn about. This is where our cleanouts services come into play. Troops Haul Junk is here to help ease stress and concerns by providing professional services.

Light Demolition in Asheville, NC

Demolition projects require special consideration due to safety hazards and the potential for causing significant structural damage.

At Troops Haul Junk, we offer light demolition services for homeowners who want to tackle projects like tearing down an old shed, removing a deck, or dismantling a fence. Contact us, and one of our team members will gladly assist you.



As children grow, swing sets can become outdated and unwanted, turning into an eyesore. Removing such a large and heavy structure, including concrete footings, can present unique challenges. Hiring Troops Haul Junk in Asheville for your swing set removal needs can save you time and effort and spare your back!


Above-ground pools provide refreshing relief and summertime enjoyment, but removing them from your backyard can be time consuming and labor-intensive. You must dismantle the pool frame, including wood, plastic, or metal components. If you find these tasks overwhelming to handle on your own, Troops Haul Junk in Asheville is here to assist.



When renovating your home, bathroom demolition can be one of the most challenging tasks. Over time, your bathroom can show wear and tear from daily use. Many start fresh with a complete remodel, which can be a substantial undertaking. Removing toilets, vanities, showers and disassembling tile, drywall, and other materials is a large job. If you're ready to remodel a bathroom, consider contacting Troops Haul Junk. We make bathroom demolition stress free and efficient.


Deck removal can be a daunting task, requiring specialized training and equipment. Troops Haul Junk offers efficient and safe deck removal services. Our skilled team guarantees swift removal of your deck and proper handling of all debris. We provide top-notch customer service, with each step of the process tailored to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us to schedule a free estimate.


Fencing play diverse roles in residential spaces, providing safety and privacy. Removing them can pose challenges due to their size and weight. At Troops Haul Junk, we recognize the significance of safeguarding your property and offer specialized fence removal services. Our skilled team not only takes down the fence but also clears away any leftover debris completely.


Are you tired of having a cluttered outdoor space? If you have an old and worn-out shed or any structure that is taking up precious real estate, Troops Haul Junk's shed removal service is here to help you. Our team will carefully dismantle and haul away your unwanted shed, giving you a clean slate to renovate your backyard oasis. Don't let that eyesore stand in the way of your outdoor dreams – let Troops Haul Junk clear the path to your perfect backyard paradise!


Pergolas are a sought-after addition to many gardens, providing shade and enhancing an outdoor setting. However, when it's time to remove a bulky pergola, it can be a difficult task. Removing it requires specialized equipment and experience to prevent any potential damage to your property. Troops Haul Junk offers professional pergola removal services that make the process easy. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure the job is done right.


Our specialized kitchen demolition service extends beyond removing countertops, flooring, and cabinets. We understand that kitchen renovations demand meticulous planning and execution, and our professionals are skilled at handling the intricacies of the process with precision and care. At Troops Haul Junk, we ensure that every demolition aspect is expertly managed, leaving you with a clean slate for your renovation project.



Troops Haul Junk is proud to provide eco-conscious junk removal services for our clients. We understand the growing concerns about the environmental impact of waste; that's why we go the extra mile to ensure that all items are disposed of in the most sustainable manner possible.

Our approach includes recycling and donating whenever possible, with landfill disposal reserved only for items that can't be recycled. When you choose us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your junk will be managed in the most environmentally responsible way.


Attention Veterans & First Responders seeking empowerment and entrepreneurship! Explore the fulfilling prospect of partnering with Troops Haul Junk by becoming a franchisee. We recognize the importance of dedication and pride ourselves on providing top-tier customer service, all while maintaining rigorous standards in the junk removal industry. Take charge of your future with us! At Troops Haul Junk, we believe in the mantra of "be in business for yourself, but not by yourself." Our unique approach offers mentorship and camaraderie, providing the support system you need as a Veteran or First Responder transitioning into entrepreneurship. Your bright future is just a step away if you're a driven individual enthusiastic about making a meaningful impact and seeking a pathway to success. Don't hesitate to reach out and explore the possibilities with us.